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Our Story

Utsav Collections was founded by 2 young sisters in their early 20s, in 2008.  We started with our first store in Gariahat.  The idea that inspired the brand was the concept that ‘saree’  can be made to look and feel trendy, comfortable , modern and yet gorgeous. Having travelled extensively all over India, south Asia and Europe, our founders Poulami & Ishita put together ranges that were inspired by new trends in fabric, print techniques, embroidery styling, embellishments in both East and West.  We brought in the concept of ‘season’, introduced smart prints, worked more heavily with handloom and fabrics that are light in weight, yet have a sensuous appeal.  Our brand grew and ladies from all over India appreciated this ‘new era’ saree concept.  We also successfully introduced jewellery and accessories which is a fast growing area for us. In 2015 we  successfully launched our second store  in the leafy suburbs of Hindustan Park  that attracted a lot of international customers.  Motivated by this, we went international for the first time and hosted our first flagship exhibition in London, in the heart of Wimbledon that attracted Bengalis and Indians from all over London.  With this success story we partnered with several Bengali associations in the UK who welcomed us with open arms to host exhibitions at their events.  Since then we ended up with a very dedicated international customer base and the next step for us has been the online route. We have a strong presence on Facebook with over 12,000 followers, we sell via Etsy and also our own website.

Our team is  young, vibrant and passionate about ‘dressing up the modern Indian woman.’ 

 “You are beautiful, we simply remind you so!”

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